THE CURVES proudly present: THE CURVES

They are getting goose bumps from the sound of an engine, they would rather screw and wrench than go shopping, instead of drinking water they prefer gasoline: the CURVES is an HP strong “women only” MC celebrating the female side of the motorcycle- and custom scene in Germany.

True to the motto “passion for speed” and “excitement for adventures” these ladies between 25 and 50 years meet for ride outs, self-organized mechanic workshops, talking shop and ways to change the world.

The CURVES don’t just enjoy putting themselves into curves, they also work hard to get everything moving forward when it comes to women and the motorized two-wheel scene.

The members, who helped make THE CURVES a well-known women MC in Berlin, are working professionally in diverse areas: starting from design and journalism, to chemistry, coaching and medicine… parallel to an irresistible passion they combine job-related potentials and function as a creative-pool for strong ideas outside the club borders:

The monthly mechanic workshop titled “Pony Wrench” grew to 30 motor passionate women within only 9 months.

This summer, another european highlight is following in Berlin: THE CURVES organize for the first time the PETROLETTES event with races, live concerts, film screenings and special show acts.

In 2014 two designers Cäthe Pfläging and Irene Kotnik came up with the idea and now the gang is growing. Female motorcyclists showing attention for these avid gasoline ladies. They want to express precious input and impulse for equipment, design and technique in all areas.

Thanks to THE CURVES the image and acceptance of women in the motorcycle scene is changing as well.

Lots of encouragement, extensive press reports and thousands of followers in social media platforms reinforce the concept behind THE CURVES daily. Thereby they are just themselves: Women with a strong will, to move something -and their machines!

p.s. stands for passion for speed  


All Photos by David Biene 2016 – Thank you so much!


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